Our Mark

We establish a connection with others by exuding the warmth of hospitality by providing a safe and comfortable environment.


Our logo is symbolic of the Chinese character “人人” which translates to “People”, and our consistent practice to deliver the best experience to every person, every reservation, every time.


Our Local Talents

Throughout the hotel, we display local arts and crafts which we hope you enjoy as much as we do!


The photographs in each room are specially selected from local talents renowned for their ability to capture our people, cities and landscapes through their camera lens.

Our Golden Location

The Meritin Hotel (金地酒店) established in 2017, is a purpose-built lifestyle hotel located within the “Golden Triangle” on Padungan Street. Its architectural design recreates the style of the colonial architecture, weaving together Asian elegance with modern practicality. The property is nestled among friendly merchants and features floor to ceiling windows and stylish painted frames, mixed with conservative tones of natural stones, that open into a splendid view of the city.


Our Central Location means for business and leisure travelers alike, it is extremely convenient to walk to the Central Business District, the Kuching Waterfront, as well as major cultural and tourist attractions (all within 10 mins walk!).  Spend a day cycling around the city along Padungan, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman and The Main Bazaar; take a sampan across the Sarawak River to visit the DUN Complex, Fort Margherita, The Astana, or simply enjoy a leisurely walk around Traditional Villages and Colonial Shops dating to the early 1900’s.


Conveniently located, the hotel is a step away from supermarkets, currency exchange and popular eateries which serves a wide selection of Seafood and Local Delicacies (Top Spot), Pork Noodles (Noodle Descendents), Dim Sum (Hong Kong Noodle House), traditional coffee shops that brew local coffee; and hawker stalls that dish out local specialties such as Laksa, Ayam Penyet, Nasi Lemak, Mee Jawa and the like. Western restaurants with local gracious hospitality wait on you with menus of Steaks and Wine (TOMS), while cafes serve fresh coffee, sandwiches and light meals.


We invite you to come and enjoy a relaxing and leisurely stay in the heart of City, Culture and Cuisine… making your stay infinitely convenient!


Local & Tourist Electric Bus (departs every hour)


Enjoy free electric bus which passes by 26 stations including The Meritin Hotel, Open Air Market, Kuching Waterfront, iCom Square and Sarawak Museum, among others on a one-hour interval from 7am to 6pm daily.


The commuters have real-time monitoring of their bus trips and the exact timing of the bus arrival or journey and are equipped with free WiFi. Download Kuching Metro app which is now available on iOS and Android for more information.